Solar panels

CO2 Emissions

In 2009 we set ourselves a target of reducing CO2 emissions per unit of revenue by 5% per annum. This aligns with the Chinese Government's target of reducing carbon emissions per unit of GDP by 40% to 45% between 2005 and 2020.

We measure our CO2 emissions in accordance with the internationally recognised Green House Gas (GHG) Protocol and our metrics include scope 1 and scope 2 emissions. The CO2 emissions data shows the three-month moving average of CO2 emissions per unit of revenue at our Kunshan and Vietnam facilities. Our total Green House Gas emissions for 2018 were 4,307 tonnes of CO2 compared to 3,906 tonnes in 2017. This increase is lower than our revenue increase for the year, demonstrating some efficiency gains. CO2 emissions per unit of revenue deteriorated in Vietnam due to construction of the Vietnamese facility.


We have determined that our operations are considered as low water usage. Water is not used in the design, manufacturing or services of our products. We are cognisant of the fact that there is some level of water usage at our facilities and try to limit the use and employ best practices.

Our water usage is tracked and monitored as one of our key environmental metrics across the business. The necessary actions are taken to reduce usage as needed and consistent with our corporate water policy.

Carbon disclosure project

Annually we participate and report our environmental data to the Carbon Disclosure Project. The data is publicly available on the Carbon Disclosure Project website at

Harmful substances

In 2005 new legislation was introduced in Europe which limited the levels of certain hazardous substances. The European legislation, Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) has been implemented in the design and manufacture of XP Power products. XP Power took the initiative to be compliant with this legislation, not just for our European customer base, but for our customers in Asia and North America.

The RoHS directive was recast with additional requirements which came into effect in July 2011. We are pleased to report that with the exception of recently acquired Comdel, we are compliant with the latest RoHS directive as of July 2014.

Our plans for the year ahead

  • Assessment of facilities that currently do not have solar panels to determine the suitability.
  • Utilising environmentally friendly design concepts during expansion of the XP Power Vietnam manufacturing location.
  • Expand on our "XP Power Green" product portfolio.

Link to sustainable development goals

Our approach to business links directly to many of the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations Development Programme to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity.

Climate actionResponsible consumption

We are integrating climate change measures into the business through monitoring emissions and carbon disclosures.

We are developing our focus towards promoting resource and energy efficiency.

CO2 Emissions Data20182017201620152014
CO2 emissions (tonnes) – China and Vietnam facility4,3073,9063,5813,3613,068
CO2 emissions per unit of factory revenue (kg/$1,000) – China facility5454564746
CO2 emissions per unit of factory revenue (kg/$1,000) – Vietnam facility1078182141110
Water Data20182017201620152014
Average number of employees1,9721,9531,5061,4481,160
Water consumed (thousand litres)39,60539,48032,58232,22025,300
Water consumed per employee (thousand litres)