Combining XP Power's Sales and Marketing expertise with the Glassman product portfolio to deliver customer solutions

XP Glassman

XP Sales

XP Marketing

XP Sales

Original equipment manufacturers

Existing XP Power customer base
Vertical penetration of focus accounts
Fills power gaps, expanding product range
High reliability applications

Medium volume/large programme values

Key applications

Semiconductor equipment manufacturers
Analytical instrumentation
Vacuum plasma processes
Medical treatment and diagnostics
Test equipment
Manufacturing process applications

Typical applications are 10 to 250 kilovolts

Example: Ion Implanters

Ion implanters used in semiconductor manufacturing equipment use high voltage power supplies to drive Boron or Phosphorous atoms into silicon crystal lattices to control the flow of electricity through the silicon to make transistors – the building blocks from which chips are made.

XP Marketing

Research and development

National research laboratories and universities
Enabling next generation developing technologies
Forefront of technology commercialisation
Establishes brand recognition

Low volume/high margin

Key applications

Particle accelerators
Neutron sources
Free electron lasers
Pulse forming networks

Typical applications are 5 to 500 kilovolts

Example: Particle Beam Accelerators

A particle accelerator is a machine that uses high voltage and electromagnetic fields to propel charged particles to very high speeds and energies in a well-defined beam. Used for particle physics research including oncological purposes, radioisotope production for medical diagnostics, mass spectrometers and ion implanters.