Customer focus

Customers have helped drive our growth with our "Green XP Power" offering. This is demonstrated by the increase in revenues year over year since 2010 of these product offerings. This aligns with one of our organisation's core values, customer focus.

Customers clearly see the benefit of ultra-high efficiency power converters and this has allowed us to be more focused on delivering these products to meet the customer expectations. The feedback we have also received is that customers are willing to pay a premium for these "Green" products due to their higher performance. One of the underlying benefits of a high efficiency product is that the product is inherently more reliable. Once the power converter gets to a level of efficiency that we are achieving, there is very little waste energy as heat, and there is no longer a need for a mechanical fan for cooling (which also consumes power). If the system engineer can design-in a power converter without a mechanical fan they have now removed the most unreliable part of the power system.

More reliable

Furthermore, as the power converter runs cooler, the electronic components which are sensitive to heat, such as electrolytic capacitors, have longer lifetimes. The result is that not only is the power system consuming and wasting less energy it has also become significantly more reliable. This is of particular benefit when we consider that many of our products are designed into critical applications in the healthcare and high-end industrial sectors where product failure and downtime are not acceptable. It is with this understanding of the customer's expectation for an ultra-high efficiency, extremely reliable power supply that we have been able to focus on providing the best solution for the customer's requirements.

Key Achievements

27 Additional product families

We have added 27 additional product families to our portfolio during 2018. Of these 27 families, 20 were high efficiency "Green XP Power" products. One example is a high efficiency 4,500 watt product which has a variable, rather than fixed output voltage, that can be adjusted via a digital control. This is an example of moving up the power and complexity level, producing more sophisticated products which can communicate directly with the customer's system.

Our plans ahead

Our plan is to continue to invest in products we can bring to market that provide the most benefit to customers in terms of the high efficiency, and low stand-by power that meet our customers' cost expectations.

Link to sustainable development goals

Decent work

We provide solutions for our clients that incorporate technological advancement and innovation.

Sustainable cities

We produce high efficiency products which reduce CO2 emissions year after year.