• Honest in all our interactions with our colleagues, customers and suppliers
  • Always doing the right thing
  • Taking care of our people-ensuring XP Power is a great place to work where we trust the people we work with, have pride in what we do and gain enjoyment from our work
  • Delivering genuine value to our customers through our knowledge and experience
  • Continually developing our skills and capabilities as individuals and as an organisation
  • Receptive to the needs of our customers to provide outstanding customer service
  • Willing to challenge the way we do things and adapt to constantly improve and innovate
  • Collaborating with our colleagues and customers for better results
  • Responding to our customers and colleagues with impressive speed
  • Constantly looking at faster and more efficient ways of delivering value in everything we do
  • Always considering our customer's experience in everything we do
  • Never forgetting that without our customer we do not have a business