Our Core Values support our vision, shape our culture and underpin our strategy. In an environment of constant change, they are a unifying force that enable us to work toward a common purpose.

Heather Murdock

Head of Global Human Resources

2018 was another year of strong growth for XP Power, including the acquisition of Glassman High Voltage, the continued hiring of new talent to support the future growth of the business and the increasing need to unify our teams and processes in a fast-paced global landscape.

One of our people strategies is to continue to embed our company Core Values of integrity, knowledge, speed, flexibility and customer focus. They support our vision, shape our culture and underpin our strategy. In an environment of constant change they help us to work toward a common purpose.

We believe that engaging our employees in our vision and mission is critical to our success and we constantly reinforce this through our global communication meetings and our performance management process. Last year we continued to develop our culture and our people. We focused priorities to ensure we were aimed at the right objectives and targets.

We continued to build our infrastructure and systems that will enable our people and business to scale and continue to grow and succeed.

During 2019 we will leverage the work we did in 2018 to provide the ultimate experience for our people so they will deliver the ultimate experience to our customers.

How our core values link to our culture

Our Core Values are inherently connected to our culture. We track our culture and our values through our employee surveys and performance appraisal system to ensure that we are adhering to them and evolving the culture that we believe has made the business successful as it continues to grow and develop.

We are encouraged that the score from our 2019 cultural survey held up well at 63.4 compared to 62.0 in 2018 against the background of a large increase in new employees including those becoming part of XP Power as a result of the Glassman acquisition who partook in the survey for the first time.

The highest scoring questions in our cultural survey are consistently:

  • I am proud to be part of XP Power
  • XP Power takes Health and Safety very seriously
  • XP Power shows a passion to deliver high-quality products to all our chosen markets
  • I feel capable of delivering high standards of customer expectation
  • I would recommend XP Power as a great place to work

This reaffirms that we have a positive culture which is fundamental in supporting our strategy and success, especially given the importance of customer focus and service and support to our value proposition. These top scoring questions include some of the most difficult characteristics to embed in an organisation. Being proud to work for an organisation and recommending it as a great place to work speak for themselves.

The cultural survey also highlighted areas where we have further opportunities to improve which included questions relating to sharing best practices and teamwork. We will continue to work on these areas in 2019 as we assimilate the new talent we have brought into the organisation, both organically and through acquisition.

We remain excited regarding the future of XP Power and what we are able to achieve.