What we do

We provide our customers in the Healthcare, Industrial, Technology and Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment sectors with solutions to power their critical systems and get their products to market in the shortest possible time.

Electronic equipment cannot operate directly from the electricity provided by the mains supply which is a relatively high voltage alternating current. All electronic equipment requires the mains supply to be a stable, direct current in order to operate. In addition, we provide power converters which produce radio frequency alternating current (RF Power) used in various processes requiring plasma generation, dielectric or induction heating.

Our electronic power converters are designed-in to our customers' end equipment, often with the aid of our engineering services expertise. Our power solutions also provide the vital safety barrier between the potentially lethal mains supply and the user of the end equipment.

Our target customers provide vital equipment where the cost of downtime or implications of failure are significant.

Our purpose

We power the world's critical systems.

Our vision

To be the first choice power solutions provider delivering the ultimate experience for our customers and our people.

Our core values

Our core values of Integrity, Knowledge, Flexibility, Speed and Customer Focus are our DNA and are fundamental to our continued success.

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XP Power has enjoyed another excellent year, building our position in our chosen markets, expanding our product portfolio both through acquisition and organically. We have made significant progress towards the achievement of our vision of being the first choice power solutions provider, delivering the ultimate experience to our customers and our people.

Our design win pipeline was strong in 2018, boding well for continued future market share and revenue growth. We also continued to move our product portfolio up to higher power and technically more complex applications, and to expand the number of design wins with higher engineering solutions content.

Duncan Penny
Chief Executive Officer
5 March 2019