The Board continually reviews key areas of focus for the business and this impacts upon the key activities of the Board over the year.

The main focus areas are outlined below:

Board focusOverviewActivity in year
Board structureOverview effectiveness of the Board and its committees
  • Terms of reference review of the Board and its committees
  • Annual work plan for the Board
  • Performance evaluation by anonymous online questionnaires
  • Succession planning
StrategyReview and evaluation of the business strategy and the performance against the strategy
  • Review of the Group's strategy and refinement of that strategy
Business performanceReview and monitoring of business performance against forecasts and plans
  • Regular business updates including reviews of Key Performance Indicators
  • Reviews of financial performance against budget
  • Reviews of tax and treasury including foreign exchange and hedging
  • Review of the Group's strategy
ComplianceReview of compliance
  • Review of results of internal audits and resulting recommendations
  • Review of any whistleblowing reports (none in 2018)
  • Review of health and safety incidents
Risk managementReview of risk management
  • Review of the risks facing the Group and actions to be put in place to mitigate those risks
  • Review of insurance arrangements
  • Setting the risk appetite of the Group in relation to risks identified
  • Reviewing cybersecurity arrangements
RemunerationWith the assistance of the Remuneration Committee, approval of remuneration policies across the Group
  • Setting remuneration arrangements for the executive directors
  • Approving remuneration arrangements for the senior management
  • Review of staff pay
Financial statementsFinal approval of annual financial statements and accounting policies
  • Review and approval of interim and final results
SustainabilityEnsuring the Group is following a sustainable business model
  • Review and refinement of the Group's environmental policy
  • Review and approval of the Group's Code of Conduct
  • Evaluation of performance of the Group's Environmental Social Governance key performance indicators including health and safety, CO2 emissions and water usage.