£ Millions20182017
At 1 January1.42.0
Movement in provision during the year(0.1)
At 31 December1.41.4

The Group owns 89.9% (2017: 89.9%) of the shares of Powersolve Electronics Limited ("Powersolve") and entered into an amended agreement on 29 October 2016 to purchase the remaining 10.1% of the shares in 2022. The Group owns 51% (2017: 51%) of the shares of Hanpower Co., Ltd ("Hanpower") and entered into an agreement on 20 May 2015 to purchase an additional 15.0% of the shares in 2020 and another 15.0% of the shares in 2025.

The commitment to purchase the remaining ownership interests has been accounted for as accrued consideration and is calculated based on the expected future payment which will be based on a predefined multiple of the average earnings for three years.

The future payment is discounted to the present value, with the discount amortised to interest expense each period as the payment draws nearer. At each reporting period, the anticipated future payment is recalculated and an adjustment made accordingly, with a corresponding adjustment to goodwill for Powersolve. For Hanpower, the amount that is payable under the agreement is initially recognised at the present value of the redemption amount within liabilities with a corresponding charge directly to equity. The liability is subsequently accreted through equity up to the redemption amount that is payable in 2020 and 2025.