£ MillionsNote20182017
Cost of sales(102.8)(89.2)
Gross profit92.377.6
Distribution and marketing(38.7)(31.7)
Research and development7(11.4)(8.8)
Operating profit39.332.5
Finance charge6(1.7)(0.3)
Profit before income tax37.632.2
Income tax expense8(7.2)(3.6)
Profit after tax30.428.6
Other comprehensive income:
Items that may be reclassified subsequently to profit or loss:
Cash flow hedges240.3(0.5)
Exchange differences on translation of foreign operations244.4(3.9)
Items that will not be reclassified subsequently to profit or loss:
Currency translation differences arising from consolidation240.2*
Other comprehensive income/(loss) for the year, net of tax4.9(4.4)
Total comprehensive income for the year35.324.2
Profit attributable to:
Equity holders of the Company2430.228.3
Non-controlling interests0.20.3
Total comprehensive income attributable to:
Equity holders of the Company34.923.9
Non-controlling interests0.40.3
Earnings per share attributable to equity holders of the Company (pence per share)
– Basic earnings per share10157.8148.3
– Diluted earnings per share10154.9146.0

* Balance is less than £100,000.

The accompanying notes form an integral part of these financial statements.